Открытые Студии
Start of the ninth season of the Open studios
Participants of the ninth season:
Sasha Puchkova, Alena Paskhina, Vitaly Tyurlik, FARANGIZ Ra, Vivato Eka, Zheniya Kuzma, Sayan Baigaliev, Mara Pilyasinskaya, Danya Pirogov, Marina Koshlina.

Motives of the season:
Exploratory art and the embodiment of knowledge in a situation of hybridization of artistic strategies.
Lera Kononchuk, the mentor of the ninth season of the Open studios of the Winzavod, will focus with the residents on working with different artistic methodologies. Among the guest speakers, in addition to active participants in the artistic environment, are curators, artists and theorists who practice an interdisciplinary approach and question the boundaries of artistic expression and humanitarian research.

The open studios of Winzavod are part of the New Names strategic direction, aimed at professional support and development of artists.

"The open studios of Winzavod are a space for growth for emerging artists and a springboard for developing a career in art. Studios reduce many distances — between the artist and the viewer, between the artist and gallery owners, between the artist and art critics, and also between the artist and his professional goals and aspirations. Artists find like-minded people, share and recharge with new ideas, meanings, join the professional community — this is an invaluable experience", —
Sofya Trotsenko, founder of the CCA Winzavod, emphasizes.

Open studios is a platform that combines the principles of a workshop, a creative residence and a creative school on the basis of one of the leading Russian art institutions, Winzavod CCA
The project has been launched by Winzavod Foundation for the Support of Contemporary Art as part of the strategic direction New Names. Open studios offer young artists a creative space, meetings with the stars of the Russian and international art scene, as well as an up-to-date educational program that allows residents to integrate into the professional environment.

For artists, participating in a project is an opportunity to take their first steps in the profession under the guidance of more experienced colleagues and experts. For gallery owners and curators - getting to know the future stars of contemporary art at the beginning
their creative path. For visitors – real-time observation of the creative process.
  • Oriented for Russian artists
  • Program's length – 5 months
  • Artist is given a working space in the Studios

more details
  • Oriented for Russian artists
  • Program's length – 5 months
Open Studios +
  • Oriented for Russian artists working with performances, video, installations and other media
  • Program's length – 5 months
  • Artists are given a working space in Studios for the length from 2 to 5 months
  • Oriented for one international artist (excluding attendants)
  • Program's length – 2 months
  • Sofia Trotsenko
    Advisor of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, President of the Winzavod CCA, Director of the School of Design of the RANEPA Institute of Social Sciences (ISS)
  • Alexey Maslyaev
    Curator, culturologist, head of the sector for scientific and methodological work
    educational department of MMOMA, mentor of the 7th and 8th season
  • Ekaterina Bochavar
    Artist, curator, architect of exhibition spaces, director of the gallery-workshop GROUND Solyanka, art director of the festival "Vyksa Fest - 23"
  • Andrey Parshikov
    Art critic, curator, member of the curatorial team of the V-A-C Foundation, mentor of the 1st-5th seasons
  • Elvira Tarnogradskaya
    Director and founder of Syntax Gallery
October 2017 –July 2018
Participants: 8 artists
Mentor: Andrey Parshikov
October 2018 – February 2019
Participants: 8 artists
Mentor: Andrey Parshikov
October 2019 – February 2020
Participants: 9 artists
Mentor: Andrey Parshikov
April – August 2019
Participants: 8 artists
Mentor: Andrey Parshikov
June – September 2021
Participants: 9 artists
Mentor: Alina Gutkina
June – November 2020
Participants: 14 artists
Mentor: Andrey Parshikov
December 2021 – May 2022
Participants: 12 artists
Меntor: Аlexey Maslyaev
June - December 2022
Participants: 10 artists
Меntor: Аlexey Maslyaev

February - August 2023
Participants: 9 artists
Меntor: Lera Kononchuk
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