Evening of vernissages at Open Studios

On the 7th of July there was an evening of vernissages at Winzavod. The Open Studios’ residents prepared a special program for this event. Invited guests were introduced to the new projects of the artists before reaching the doors of the Studios: Julia Nemova held a performance called “Invisible Garden” by ‘marking out’ Winzavod’s territory with white chalk. QR-codes were built into these drawings that could be scanned by visitors to access Augmented Reality pieces of the performance. Maria Aligozhina and Ivan Simonov implemented a creative approach to barrels - utilitarian objects taken from an art-cluster storage. Ivan Volkov installed his wooden sculpture and Misha Gudwin allocated his work from “Transforming the highlighted area” series.

Although since a launch of the 5th season less than a month has passed, the artists showed many new artworks. Elena Buzueva led an instructive performance called “A Choice”. Guests were invited to visit a karaoke cabin and select one song from a catalogue with available themes of love, history, childhood, art and travel. From the second floor of the Studios a long roll of paper was stretching down into a printing machine which was installed by Maria Aligozhina. Her project “A list of tolerances” allowed guests to think over the things they tolerate in life and fixate them onto this roll of paper. Also Andrey Parshikov, tutor at the Open Studios, led a special excursion for the guests.

DJ Arcadia, a musician Schebelenkov and DJ Rek provided music for the evening.